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Tendons and Ligaments


Tendon injury
Healed in four weeks with TTM™

We all know how much time, effort, and money it takes to bring a performance horse to his peak in any discipline.  Not to mention the love and emotional aspect of the horse/human partnership.

Performance horses, like any athlete, are at a higher risk for injury than the average lightly ridden or pasture horse, and like any athlete, special attention must be paid to individual stresses of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints to avoid serious injury and/or premature retirement.

With any athlete it’s not if an injury will happen, it’s when and how severe.  Our bodies, horse or human are not designed for the rigorous exercise we place on ourselves and our horses.

By recognizing these particular areas of stresses on your horse and addressing them before they manifest into a serious injury or condition you will be able to reduce the risk or severity of an injury.  The body accepts any injury or imbalance as chronic within 3 to 5 weeks and will begin to “protect” that condition cascading to affect the entire musculoskeletal system.

The Touch and Torch Method™ (TTM™) is based on the principle of maintaining balance and wellness within the musculoskeletal system with photon light and physical manipulation thus preventing injuries and maintaining wellness.

When an injury has already occurred and addressed with TTM™ it can be healed to potential quicker, with less or no scar tissue to assure a more complete healing.  This enables a horse to be back soundly in the show pen in a much shorter time than has been the past standard.


Hi Janet!
It was great to see you at the Westernaires show, Hope you enjoyed it! I finally got the information form the vet, here it is: On February 27, 2012 Comanche was diagnosed with Right hind core lesion of lateral extender tendon or his right hind lateral suspensory tendon was torn. The vet said he would become a trail horse when he recovered and would only be able to walk, so that meant no rodeo season or Westernaires anymore. The vet put him on 30 days of stall rest with 5minutes of walking every other day after 2 weeks. About after 10- or 11 days that's when you came out and saw him, after 2 treatments we took Comanche back to the vet for his 30 day check up, the vet came out and felt his right leg then his left then his right again, then left. He returned with the head vet who had diagnosed Comanche and he did the same thing then walked over to me and asked "which leg was it that had the torn tendon?" they couldn't even find where it had been torn! Comanche was released to be ridden in rodeo and Westernaires again. 2 weeks later I ran him in my first high school rodeo. He now not only runs drill team, the "pro" trick team I am on, and barrels and poles for rodeo, but will also be my rodeo queen horse. I can not ever thank you enough for help him out, I would not be at where I am today if you had not help him out! I would love for you to come to my coronation for queen, if you give me your address I will mail you a invite :) If you need any pictures I can send you some, just let me know

                                                ~Casey, Comanche and outlaw



You can prevent injury to your horse with awareness and education!

Schedule a TTM™ Evaluation and Treatment today to help prevent injury tomorrow!

Janet Crow is a natural horsewoman, equine massage therapist, equine photonic therapist and creator of The Touch and Torch Method™.  As well as treatments she offers a three level certification course in Colorado and a Level 1 Home Study Course.

*Veterinary consultation is advised with all equine related conditions or injuries.