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Joints and Arthritis

Arthritis Treatment with Photonic Therapy and the Touch and Torch Method™

Arthritis – A catch-all condition

Arthritis is a term used to describe a broad spectrum of joint stiffness or lameness in many different parts of the body.   The major symptoms used to describe arthritis are stiffness, swelling, inflammation, pain, and deformities.

Many horses are at risk to stress and injury on certain joints according to their chosen discipline that can lead to arthritic symptoms.   High risk candidates include all performance horses, rehabilitation horses, trail horses, and horses that are used heavily are at risk of the development of early arthritic joints.  Arthritic joints and vertebrae in horses are often caused by injuries or ill-fitting tack, both of which can be preventable in most cases.

 Even with just natural movement and normal wear, as a horse ages it can develop stiffness and arthritis in his joints.  After the age of 15 a large percentage of horses will have arthritis in their hock joints.

The Touch and Torch Method™

The Touch and Torch Method™ (TTM™) is a natural technique of equine healing based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The Touch and Torch Method™ utilizes a combination of photonic therapy, massage therapy, body and energy work, communication, and other holistic conjunctive therapies applied as an indirect (acu points)treatment and as a direct treatment.  Photonic light is also referred to as red light, cold laser, or low-level laser therapy.  Photonic light is in the 400 to 700nM spectrum of visible light and works in conjunction with the body’s own healing centers at the cellular level.   This method of healing is effective with many equine conditions including, but not limited to, muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint injuries and conditions, wounds, scar tissue, colic, and arthritis.

Arthritis Prevention

The chemical aspects of arthritis span a wide range of imbalances in the blood and internal organs that are the contributing factors of the physical symptoms of arthritis.   By maintaining balance in the horse the body is able to spontaneously heal and maintain wellness reducing or preventing the onset of arthritis and many other conditions.

Particular attention to joints that receive more than normal stress such as with performance horses, and maintaining the health of these affected joints and tendons with treatments as needed, will help to esses on the joints that could manifest into arthritis.   Proper warm up and cool down is an essential tool to maint

ain proper health and elasticity.  By keeping the soft tissues healthy will prevent undue strjoint and soft tissue health.Conformation is also a contributing factor to joint stress and arthritis.  Awareness of these stress areas and maintaining soft tissue health will prevent joint damage and further complications.

TTM™ maintenance treatments will help the horse’s body remain in balance and remove blockages before they are allowed to manifest into a worse condition, injury, or arthritis. 

Treatment of Chronic Arthritis

Balance is wellness-Imbalance is illness.

 Because an arthritic condition has set in it indicates a blockage and imbalance has occurred and must be unblocked and re-balanced.

The physical aspects of arthritis are:


Joint stiffness and discomfort


Lack of mobility

Deformity in extreme chronic conditions

When TTM™ treatments are performed we are able to increase circulation and decrease inflammation usually within minutes of beginning the treatment.   When the inflammation is flushed, the circulation increases which in turn decreases pain and stiffness which allows for increased mobility. 

Once the blockages are removed or reduced the process continues.  The severity of the condition dictates the number of treatments needed to flush and rebalance the joint to complete wellness or modification.   TTM™ maintenance treatments are to be done as needed for each individual horse.

Exercise is excellent for circulation and I have found that the horses know just what to do.  As the pain and inflammation dissipates they begin moving more and more on their own which naturally increases circulation.   If a horse is stalled they need to be turned out or hand exercised to help promote this circulation and healing as they are unable to do it naturally.

Case Study – Jason

I first met Jason a few years ago while instructing a natural horsemanship lesson for his owner.

Jason is a bay T.B. gelding in his late teens.  He competed in dressage until a shoulder injury forced him into early retirement and eventually to his current owner.  He was then used for light pleasure riding, always taking into consideration his shoulder injury and pain issues.

The owner decided to ride Jason for her lesson one day because her mare was unavailable.  At the onset of the lesson Jason was favoring his left shoulder, limping, and unwilling to respond to cues, or move out and we cancelled the riding lesson that day because of his obvious discomfort.

Instead I gave Jason a treatment to his left shoulder joint.  The history provided was arthritis due to a prior shoulder injury.  I treated it in accordance finding evidence of deposits in the joint.

When I came back the next week I found the owner out trotting around the arena on Jason and I saw no limping or favoring of the shoulder.  His attitude and willingness was back and they were both smiling.

I treated him again that day and the results lasted.  The condition of his shoulder joint had vastly improved after the first treatment and I found that a great percentage of the deposits had flushed out of the joint.

With photonic healing and The Touch and Torch Method™ arthritis calcification and debris can often be completely removed from the joint.  Once the blockages are removed or modified it increases the circulation and the body is able to flush and spontaneously heal the area.  Inflammation can be flushed, mobility restored, and pain reduced or eliminated just by removing the blockages and restoring the circulation.

Jason has since been adopted by a young girl that loves him and rides him all the time.  He is now able to live up to his full potential at this age with a sense of purpose and pleasure instead of the alternative that arthritis offers.

Janet Crow is a natural horsewoman, equine massage therapist, equine photonic therapist and creator of The Touch and Torch Method™.  As well as treatments she offers a three level certification course in Colorado and a Level 1 Home Study Course.

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*Veterinary consultation is advised and recommended for all equine conditions, illnesses, and injuries