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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Touch and Torch Method”?


The Touch and Torch Method™ (TTM™) is a natural technique of equine healing based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The Touch and Torch Method™utilizes a combination of photonic therapy, massage therapy, body and energy work, communication, and other holistic conjunctive therapies applied as an indirect (acu points) and as a direct treatment.  Photonic light is also referred to as red light, cold laser, or low-level laser therapy.  Photonic light is in the 400 to 700nM spectrum of visible light and works in conjunction with the body’s own healing centers at the cellular level.   This method of healing is effective with many equine conditions including, but not limited to, muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint injuries and conditions, wounds, scar tissue, colic, and arthritis.


2.       How does Photonic Therapy work?

Light is transmitted through the skin’s layers to supply energy to the body by using non-thermal photons of light.  The blood’s immune system responses are optimized which boosts the anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive systems as well  as supplying the entire body with vital energy and oxygen.  This allows the body to heal unimpeded which results in quicker, cleaner and natural healing.


3.       How does Massage Therapy work?

Massage is used in conjunction with photonic therapy to condition muscles and soft tissues that are affected as a result of an injury or condition.   In my procedure I primarily use massage therapy to help release and move toxins from the body.  It is essential in the healing of atrophied and spasmodic muscles, increasing the blood flow and removing blockages as well as increasing tendon laxity.


4.       Why use photonic therapy?

Photonic Therapy is totally natural!  No drugs or surgery is used.  It is safe, non-invasive, and non-traumatic, has no side-effects and accelerates healing time.  Quicker healing time reduces stress on the horse and the owner.   Photonic Therapy treatments are both time and cost effective with immediate results.  


5.       What conditions can be treated with photonic therapy and the “Touch and Torch Method”?

Horses can benefit from photonic therapy and TTM™ in many ways from wellness maintenance to severe injury.  See Case Page and Article Page for some examples.



Horses compensate for their riders' imbalances which can lead to lameness in your horse.  See how Tango has to throw his head and shoulder to the right to compensate for the riders' stiff left hip.  We, as riders need to be aware of our stiffness and practice fluidity in our riding for our horses' health and our own.