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About Me

"Come, let us put our minds together and see what good we can create for our children".
Sitting Bull


Janet is a natural horsewoman who is a certified Equine Massage Therapist, Photon Therapist, and creator of The Touch and Torch Method™(TTM™).  

Janet is passionate about revealing this information to all horse owners so that they are able to make the best health care decisions for their horses based on ALL available and current treatments.


The purpose and goals of Natural Horse Power, LLC.  are:

* Provide a natural alternative for equine wellness and care

*Educate equine owners and professionals about the benefits of TTM™ and natural alternatives

* Take the trauma out of the treatment

*Reduced the risk of injury to performance horses with awareness and wellness

*Heal and/or modify chronic conditions naturally

*Reduce the number of rescue horses and horses retired early due to preventable and/or treatable injuries.

Applied Knowledge is Power!

"Horses are my passion and their well-being is my mission"

Janet Crow


Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Level 1 - Certified
Level 2 - Certified - Pagosa Springs, ISC
Level 3 - Completed with Pat Parelli - Pagosa Springs, ISC
Level 4 -  Completed with Pat Parelli and Craig Johnson - Pagosa Springs, ISC

Equitouch Systems

Certified - Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Colorado State University

Short Course - Equine Reproduction Management/Artificial Insemination