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Janet Crow, ESMT
Equine Massage and Photon Therapist
TTM™ Method

The TTM™ Method is a natural technique of equine healing based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The TTM™utilizes a combination of photon therapy, massage therapy, body and energy work, communication, and other holistic conjunctive therapies applied as an indirect (acu points) and as a direct treatment.  Photon light is also referred to as red light, cold laser, or low-level laser therapy.  Photon light is in the 400 to 700nM spectrum of visible light and works in conjunction with the body’s own healing centers at the cellular level.   This method of healing is effective with many equine conditions including, but not limited to, muscle, tendon, ligament, and joint injuries and conditions, wounds, scar tissue, colic, and arthritis. 

Specializing in Joint, tendon, ligament and arthritic conditions!